Five children

Five children are waiting for a ride. Find out who is who, how old they are, what they are eating and where they are from!

1. Petra is number 3.
2. The one who is 16 likes hamburgers.
3. One child is English.
4. The child from Italy is not next to Kevin.
5. Nina loves fish and chips.
6. The first person in the queue is Kevin. He always has to help his parents because they can’t speak English.
7. Chris is eating a ham sandwich. He won’t be allowed to go on this ride because of his age.
8. The child from France is in front of the American. The French child’s name is Andy.
9. Petra isn’t able to eat meat or fish. They make her ill.
10. The Italian child is between two other children. One is 13, the other is 9.
11. The German pupil is next to the child who likes hot dogs.
12. The child next to Kevin is 11.
13. The child next to Petra is 14.
14. One child loves cheese sandwiches.
15. The German child’s mother and father only speak German.
   11      13      14      16      9      Andy      Chris      England      fish&chips      France      Germany      ham sandwich      hamburger      hot dogs      Italy      Kevin      Nina      no meat or fish      USA   
Where from?