The poor farmer

Matching exercise

Once there was a poor farmer who lived on a very small island in the middle of a lake. The farmer only had a large and hungry wolf, a goat, a small rowing boat and a large cabbage which he had grown for the local gardening competition (which was very important). Unfortunately, the night before the competition there was a terrible storm. The rain continued for hours, and the water in the lake rose dangerously. The poor farmer knew that he would have to leave the island and cross the water. Sadly he had a problem. His boat was so small that it could only carry him and one other thing at a time. He knew that he had to save all his possessions but, if he took his lovely cabbage first, the wolf would eat his goat ... and if he took the wolf, then the goat would eat his lovely cabbage ...What was he to do? Suddenly, he had an idea …

Put the pictures in the correct order!