A Trip to Dublin

Complete the sentences with the verb in the past tense or past perfect!

Tip: Stell dir die Situation vor. Welche Handlung (im Satz bzw. Text) passierte zeitlich vor der anderen Handlung? Was VOR der Handlung passierte, muss in der VORVergangenheit (=past perfect) stehen.
The Connors and the McCartneys were in Dublin last weekend. They were well prepared: Mr and Mrs Connor (read) brochures about Dublin city tours and everybody (pack) their bags the week before. The two families (leave) for Dublin in their cars on Friday morning. Sophie and Hannah Connor (be very excited), but Daniel McCartney (not care). He (already be) to Dublin before. After they (arrive), they (choose) a restaurant. As soon as they (eat), they (go) on a tour of the city. The tour guide (lead) them around after he (explain) a few things about Dublin’s history.
On Saturday, the McCartneys (want) to visit the National Museum and St Patrick’s Cathedral, but Daniel (not like) visits to museums or cathedrals in the past. That’s why the Connors (take) Daniel on a tour of the Dublin Docklands. On the last day, the Connors and the McCartneys (visit) Phoenix Park together as soon as they (finish) their breakfast. In the afternoon everybody (carry) their bags to the cars after they (say) goodbye to each other.